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Marc Rod - Covers The Classics


If you're on this page, you received a copy of my CD and this is the EXTRA page. Here I have the original midi music files that I had downloaded off the Internet that i wanted to share. Of course, when you play these files on your computer they're NOT going to sound at all the way they do on the CD because I didn't use computer to access the sounds when recording (I used my synthesizers). You - on the other hand - will be listening to it through your computer's sound card and will notice a big difference (it'll sound like an old arcade game). BUT, I thought it'd be cool to share the original files. Enjoy

Rock With You     Oh What A Night (Dec '63)     I Just Wanna Stop (For Your Love)     Hard Day's Night

I Go Crazy     Celebration     Always And Forever     Superstition

Make It With You     I Can't Tell You Why     Summer of '69     September     Earth Angel

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