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My Guitars Used In The Studio

Jackson P2. My main guitar. All the hardware and electronics I asked for! Got this baby for $60 at a yardsale, she's SWEEEET. Name Janet

Fender Squier Telecaster. A staple of any studio. I bought this for $20 off a guy on the street. Name Lucy

Fender Squier Mini Strat. This is actually Eriq's guitar, but I use it form time to time for the Strat stuff. Name Erica

Ferrington acoustic-electric steel string. This was a pawn shop purchase, saw her, HAD to have her. Name Angelique

Guitar Research Bass guitar. I needed a bass, and this was a $99 special at Sam Ash. Name Greta

Riverhead Acoustic-electric. This was a special find at a pawn shop for $75. Saw it played it, fell in love. Name Valerie

Another Pawn shop purchase for $50. Les Paul electronics that I needed. Name Blue

Always wanted an acoustic bass. She's electric too, got her online. Name Jade

This nylon string acoustioc is nancy's personal guitar but I do use it in recording projects. Name Nancy

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