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My Mommy Song

Monday June 1, 2003 - Eriq and I were home and I had the notion to put some music together. Hadno idea what i was really going to do. I put a drum track up, then played a couple cords, then added a bass line(all with HIS guitar)...I told Eriq, "YOU have to come up with a song."
"A song? What about?"
"About anyting you want..."
So he decided to write a song about his Mommy. And he quickly started talking out the 1st verse.. I told himto write it down. I came up withthe chorus (My Mommy)then he and I wrote the 2nd verse together. Few minutes later we had this:

ClickHEREto hear it
ORRIGHT click on it (point the mouse at it, click the right button on your mouse)when the window pops up, click "Save target as" and save it to your PC. (the is the revised version, re-recorded June4th)